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Recovery College - Tone and Word Choice Impact is a Course

Recovery College - Tone and Word Choice Impact



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This course is best suited for individuals enrolled in Recovery College. A similar course can be found in our catalog for those who are not enrolled in Recovery College. Tone and Word Choice can be considered separate yet interrelated skills. Tone refers to the attitude and type of language used when communicating, which can have implications on the message’s emotion. The relationship between tone and word choice happens where a person's tone can change the perception of what the words are conveying. Word choice can shape the recipients’ perceptions of the message. Appropriate tone and word choice can be audience-specific with different perceived connotations and meanings depending on the community and culture. Understanding the impact of your tone and word choice means you are able to adjust your communication style for specific settings and audiences.

The 21st Century Career Ready Pathway in the Core Success Skills program consists of highly transferable skills that are validated through a variety of opportunities and experiences. The Core Success Skills program, supported by TD is a way to show professors, employers, and peers that you have demonstrated the right set of verified skills and competencies that will help you thrive in education and the workplace. You'll receive a digital badge representing each skill you successfully demonstrate.

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